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    What is a Frappe?

    A Frappe is a cold, blended coffee drink that usually contains ice, milk, sweeteners, and coffee. It is characterized by a sweet, icy, and refreshing taste, without the strong coffee flavor found in many other beverages. Frappes are often prepared with pre-made coffee and mixed in a blender, resulting in a smooth and frothy texture. Our Iced Cappuccino mix when blended or served in a granita machine/frozen beverage machine is among the most popular type of frappe.

    What is a Latte?

    A Latte is a hot coffee drink made from espresso shots mixed with steamed milk, resulting in a creamy and smooth beverage. Lattes have a stronger coffee flavor compared to frappes. They can also be served iced, but unlike frappes, the iced latte still maintains its strong coffee flavor.

    What is a Chai?

    A chai mix is a blend of spices used to make chai tea. There are many different recipes for chai mix, but most include cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, and cloves. Some recipes also include black pepper, nutmeg, or allspice. You can use chai mix to make a variety of drinks, including chai tea lattes, iced chai tea, and chai tea smoothies.

    What is Hot Chocolate? Can it be served frozen in addition to hot?

    Hot chocolate mix is a powdered mixture of cocoa powder, sugar, and milk powder that can be used to make hot chocolate. Although its beginnings can be traced back to Mexico as early as 500 BC, today’s options span far and wide with artisanal choices, some referred to as “drinking chocolate” plus special varieties like white hot chocolate for those who like things extra sweet. There’s no depth to the satisfaction a good hot chocolate can bring, no matter the time or place. You can enjoy hot chocolate any time of the year—just like coffee, the traditionally warm beverage tastes great over ice or served blended as frozen hot chocolate.


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