Different Uses For Soft Serve

                               Various Soft Serve Applications

     Usually when we think of serving soft serve ice cream it's either in the form of an ice cream cone, a bowl with toppings (sundae), or a milkshake. These are all amazing classic desserts that should definitely be options if you carry soft serve, but there is always more for soft serve to complement. Check out some of these different uses for soft serve. 

Floats - Floats are an easy way to make use of your soft serve. Some of our Fun Foods recommended floats are Hot Beverage Floats, Soda Floats, and Slushie Floats. An example of a simple hot beverage float is adding a touch of soft serve to hot chocolate. Root Beer or Orange Soda Floats are a very popular choice when it comes to soda floats, and slushie floats are also an easy menu item to add if your store has slushies. Simply add soft serve to the top of the slushie. 


Cookie Sandwiches - These delicious treats can be pre-made in store and stored in the freezer, or made on the spot as ordered. There are generally two types of cookies used in the sandwiches, one being the classic chocolate chip cookie, and the other being the chocolate wafer cookie most commonly seen from Klondike bars. 


Ice Cream Cakes - Create delicious, custom, premium soft serve ice cream cakes. This one will set your store apart from other birthday cakes because of the amazing soft serve texture and flavor. You can add hard toppings within the cake and experiment with many flavors to create amazing various Ice Cream Cake formulas. A Fun Foods recommendation would be to add in National Flavors like Yellow Cake Batter into the Ice Cream Cake because it is a very fitting flavor, taste and look wise. 



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