Two "Healthy" Ice Cream/Frozen Yogurt Alternatives

                                 Frozen Dessert Is For Everyone!

     Ice Cream/Frozen Yogurt is for everyone to enjoy especially in soft serve form, I mean who doesn't want soft serve? We want to make sure everyone gets a chance to experience Fun Foods, even if your lifestyle might be more healthy. Take a look at some great frozen dessert alternatives we carry that you can start selling at your store now!

                                        No Sugar Added 

One of the "healthier" alternatives for soft serve mix that we carry is the No sugar Added Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt mixes. This is a great opportunity for health stores, like nutritional stores, or smoothie/juice bars because of the target demographic. Many people enjoy the reduced fat in the frozen yogurt, and the overall reduced amount of sugar in the mix. Each bag is 2lb and can be purchased at a discounted price (10%) if the case of 12 is bought.


You can also experiment with Fun healthy combinations like Protien Pancakes with a small amount of NSA soft serve to go with it. You can create a custom "healthy" menu for people who want to indulge without eating too much sugar/fat etc.

                                                  Dole Soft Serve 

Dole Whip is an incredibly refreshing, tasty dry soft serve sorbet mix. It is a certified Vegan product and comes in only fruit flavors such as strawberry or pineapple. Each bag is 4lb and comes in cases of 4 bags (save 10%). 


Dole soft serve is easy to make and sells very well, especially on a hot day where people would love an awesome, light, refreshing treat.

Dole Mix

No Sugar Added Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt

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