The Best Topping for Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts

              Top It Up With Phillip's Ice Cream and Dessert Topping

     Everyone knows the traditional ice cream sundae, a delicious stack of ice cream scoops or soft serve served with velvety smooth syrup and sometimes crushed toppings like cookies or chocolate pieces. 


                               Soft Serve Sundae                                                                                   Soft Serve Sundae

The majority of Phillips dessert toppings have chunks within the syrup making it a very versatile topping for your sundaes or desserts. You can skip past the dry toppings aspect of sundaes with Phillips dessert toppings. 

                      Phillips Pineapple Topping                                                                   Phillips Pineapple Dessert Topping

If you look closely you can make out the individual pineapple chunks within the dessert topping.

                          National Flavors + Phillips Toppings 


     As mentioned many times on our blogs before, National Flavors is a potent flavor concentrate with many applications especially for dessert. In this case National Flavors would be used for soft serve sundaes. 

Sundaes typically use a plain vanilla flavor as the base ice cream. Customize your sundaes and take them to the next level using National Flavors! 

Simply choose a National Flavor of your choice to go into your base soft serve mix and serve as usual. The difference here being you have a wide range of possibilities to amaze your customers taste buds! 

Something like an all strawberry sundae could be an absolute game changer! To make this you would need to add "Fresh Strawberry" flavor from our National Flavors collection into your base ice cream mix, and then use the strawberry Phillips dessert topping to top it off. The real strawberry chunks inside of the topping adds an extra punch to the flavor that will be sure to impress its consumers. 


Bottle of National Flavor's Fresh Strawberry              Strawberry Base Ice Cream 


                               Phillips Strawberry Dessert Topping 

                                  It Doesn't End at Soft Serve 

     Phillips dessert toppings aren't just made for sundaes. Here is a few applications for these toppings:

Baked Goods (Pie filling or topping, pastry filling, doughnut filling, fruit flavored cakes etc.)

Milkshakes (Top off milkshakes with whipped cream and a spoon of topping. This would great with strawberry and vanilla shakes) 


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