Make 2021 Your Best Year (Frozen Dessert Business)

                                              Looking Back

     2020 has not been the most kind year to businesses and especially small scale restaurants and gyms. Many people have lost a lot of their customers because of the global pandemic. Many businesses have even suffered permanent closure! Frozen Dessert Stores, especially self-serve, Frozen Dessert Stores took a hard dive because of not being able to operate with a lot of the newly placed health guidelines. The whole concept of consumers being able to dispense their own soft serve, and add their own toppings was totally out of the picture. Things can always change for the better as long as we stay calm and evaluate our plans. 

                                            Looking Forward

     2021 is right on the horizon and now is the time to prepare for a great, successful new year! By taking the right precautions next year, make sure your store is safe, clean and properly setup with new safety measures. (Regular Sanitation, Social Distancing Squares, Wearing Masks, Offering Gloves for Self Serve Desserts etc.) 


*Social Distancing Squares to ensure customers are properly spread out and distanced from each other.


Keep your Frozen Dessert Machine and Store Equipment Properly Sanitized with Stera-Sheen Machine Cleaner


                                         Menu Experimentation 

A good way to breathe new life into your store is to revamp your menu. Take a look at what you have to offer, and what else can be incorporated into your menu to keep it new and exciting for 2021. Sometimes adding "Healthier" alternatives like reduced fat ice cream, high protein frozen yogurt etc. can be helpful in adjusting your menu for more sales. Another great addition would be to add a small Bubble Tea selection to your menu as it is insanely popular and easy to make with our Splash Beverage Bubble Tea 4 in 1 Mixes . You can start off with only a few flavors and experiment. It would be best to introduce an item like this around Spring time. Below are some more great Menu additions for the next year. 

                                          Baked Goods (Menu)

     A great new years addition to your frozen dessert store would be the introduction of freshly baked goods such cookies, brownies and more. Freshly baking these items can produce an AMAZING store aroma when people walk in. They pair great with frozen dessert and can help you create more menu items like premium fudge brownie sundaes! 

                                       Seasonal Items (Menu) 

     It is good to prepare a seasonal menu for key holidays, events and traditions surrounding the year. Have your special seasonal menu items planned out ahead of time. One of the earliest celebrations in the year is Valentines Day which is an opportunity for many awesome desserts to be made and sold. (Heart Shaped Desserts, Strawberry and Chocolate soft serve swirl etc.) You can have specific menu items for certain occasions like St.Patrick's Day, (Chocolate Chip Mint Green Ice Cream or Shake) Easter, (Easter Cake Batter Sundae topped with Chocolate Easter Eggs) Fall, (Pumpkin Spice Soft Serve) and Winter/Christmas (Hot Chocolate Ice Cream Floats, Egg Nog Soft Serve).  There is tons of room for experimentation creatively because of how versatile dessert making can get. Especially Frozen Desserts, with the selection of mixes, flavors and toppings to switch things up.


*Wonderful Pumpkin Soft Serve cone

                                 Vegan/Non-Dairy Items (Menu)

     Many frozen desserts, and regular desserts contain dairy, and a lot of the time stores don't realise the actual demand for plant based desserts, and only carry dairy items. Vegan/Non-Dairy desserts are not just meant for people that are Vegan and can be a great seller on its own. Introduce something like Dole Whip Soft Serve Sorbet mix to your store, it is incredibly refreshing because of the fruit flavors and would do great on a hot day. 



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