Simplify Beverage Making with Phillips

     If you're a store that serves a lot of beverages, it can get time consuming to make things like smoothies and measure out the exact ingredients every time. Consistency is key, you want to be serving the same product, exactly how it tasted before to your consumers. There is nothing worse than having high expectations for food and it not delivering. Using Phillip's bases and concentrates, make things a lot more simple when serving hot/cold beverages. 

         Phillips Frappe & Smoothie Base, Phillips Chai Tea Concentrate




Frappe & Smoothie Base - Excellent for making frozen beverages. Simplifies the process of making smoothies while enhancing the texture and flavor. Necessary as a base for frappes, combine with Coffee House Essentials Phillips Syrups for desired flavor. 

Chai Tea Concentrate - Allows for extremely simple and delicious chai tea lattes. Simply add 1 fl oz of concentrate per 6-8 fl oz of steamed milk. You can also get creative and make iced chai tea lattes and many more wonderful beverages.

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