Green Tea Soft Serve For Boba/Bubble Tea Shops

         You May Sell Green Tea, Why Not Green Tea Ice Cream? 

     Green Tea is one of the most popular cafe items when it comes to hot beverages besides coffee. It is known for its tremendous health benefits and calming properties. Green Tea is a beloved flavor amongst the Bubble Tea & Boba community because of its relaxing, earthy flavor accompanied by the sweetness from the milk tea. Imagine selling Bubble Tea/Boba consumers a soft serve that has a base of Green Tea flavor, and how fast the news would spread. Serving Green Tea Soft Serve also opens up new possibilities for beverage and food combinations at your shop. 

Here is an example of an amazing cafe style Fun Food combination: Waffle and Green Tea Soft Serve.


There is always room for more options in your cafe/boba shop. Green Tea Milk Shakes are another option that can be sold if carrying Green Tea Soft Serve. You can also start making Bubble Tea floats and add a touch of Green Tea Soft Serve to your Bubble Teas. 

Fun Foods Green Tea Mixes: Green Tea Soft Serve, Green Tea 4 in 1 Beverage Mix, Loose Leaf Green Tea


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