Frostline Collection

                               Frostline Ice Cream Collection 

Here at Fun Foods, one of our favorite ice cream mixes is our collection of Frostline. Frostline is an easy, dry mix, non-dairy (not vegan) all in one ice cream mix, where you just need to add water, mix and run it through your soft serve machine. 


                           Beginner Application (Mixing Buckets)

Frostline Mixes are ideal for shops that are looking to sell soft serve ice cream for the first time with no prior experience. Many first time customers will order a Frostline Mixing Bucket.


Mixing Buckets are amazing because you get the opportunity to measure out the EXACT amount of ingredients and learn the entire process of making delicious soft serve. 

                                  Unique Ready to Go Flavors 


     Sometimes getting unique flavors isn't as always as convenient if you are looking to sell one or two specific flavors only. Instead of buying the individual flavors Frostline (which can still be used with Frostline Mixes) Frostline offers the classics like vanilla and chocolate, while also carrying a variety of different flavors such as: 

Salted Caramel - Rich and tasty Salted Caramel flavored soft serve mix. 

Coconut - Mild, yet satisfying coconut flavored soft serve mix.

Churro - The classic Mexican dessert turned into a great, sugary, cinnamon flavored soft serve. 

Pistachio - A nutty, green colored soft serve that is wonderful for those looking for a more choice. 

Gingerbread - A great addition around the holiday season! 

Pumpkin Spice - The signature Fall beverage turned into an amazing high quality soft serve mix.


Frostline Collection

Frostline Mixing Buckets

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