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Popping Boba in Bulk (Mixed Flavors on a pallet) - 30 cases (each case has 4 x 7.05 jars) 

We are now offering Popping Boba by the skid (30 cases minimum).  Each case has 4 x 7.05 jars.  You can choose your flavors as long as the total case quantity is 30 cases.  Once you have placed the order, please let us know via our contact us form or by email sales@funfoods.ca the qty of each flavor you would like in your order.  Thank you.

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Approx. Product Lead Time: 15 business days + Delivery

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Available Popping Boba Flavors 

In addition to the above popping boba flavors, we have other flavors below that you may be interested to order such as Coconut, Lychee, Brown Sugar, Honey, Raspberry, Coffee, Watermelon, Honeydew, Grapefruit, Plum, Blue Curacao, Cola, Sesame and Dragon Fruit.  Send us a quick message to let us know if you would like to buy any of these flavors. 

Popping Boba aka froot bubbles or popping pearls, contains real fruit juice. Its a delicious and healthy variation in Boba which tastes great in bubble tea, smoothies, fruit drinks, ice cream and frozen yogurt and much more. Packed in double box to ensure safe delivery  across Canada however unfortunately for this item we are not responsible for any breakage.

It's the latest craze - Bursting Popping boba! As the new addition to our Tapioca family here at Fun Foods Canada, these translucent gummy ball contains flavored juices in the center which "pops" and oozes with every bite. It's sure to give your mouth and tongue an unforgettable sensation.

Never tried this boba innovation before? It'll give your drinks or dessert a fresh look and style. Popping boba is ideal with Frozen Yogurt , cold drinks, shaved ice, and ice cream. Or, you can also add them to your pudding jelly or cake for a unique presentation.

Popping Boba does not require refrigeration until container is opened and has a shelf-life up to 18 months (from manufacturing date). Ready to use! No Preparation needed.

Please note that we offer high quality popping boba brands like Red Sun, Bossen, Teazone etc. to ensure steady supply and quick order fulfillment. We reserve the right to substitute a similar product from any one of our vendors. Thank you.  

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