Perfect Fry PFA720 Fully Automatic Ventless Countertop Deep Fryer - 7.6 kW

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Perfect Fry PFA720 Fully Automatic Ventless Countertop Deep Fryer - 7.6 kW (Free Shipping Within Canada)

Circumvent the restrictions of your location while delivering high-quality fried food with the Perfect Fryer PFA720 fully automatic ventless countertop deep fryer!

The PFA fully automatic fryer from Perfect Fry Corporation is great for locations that do not allow for the installation of commercial fixed vents, air exchange, filters, or fire suppression systems. With built-in filtration and state-of-the-art fire suppression, it's ideal for open mall kiosks, temporary or seasonal locations, portable kitchens, catering, or any limited-space location, taking up only 17 linear inches of counterspace.

The Perfect Fry PFC720 is a unique commercial deep fryer. It has many advantages over traditional deep fryers: first off, it's self-venting, so you don't have to worry about purchasing an expensive vent-hood, which can cost thousands of dollars. And compared to other ventless fryers, the Perfect Fry has an extremely compact design, making this perfect for kitchens or food trucks who are tight on space, especially because it has a front-loading/front-dispensing design.

It's also an incredibly versatile machine: you can cook fish and chips one minute and a batch of chicken wings the next: it will do all of this quickly and without taste contamination. All you need to do is put your food in the hopper, and the Perfect Fry is going to handle the rest -- so you don't have to worry about training your staff with all the details of fry cooking. This machine handles all the difficult tasks so you'll get consistent, delicious food every time. It has a simple yet robust user interface, which is easy to use but allows for complete customization to suit your needs. 

There are a couple difference with the PFA720 and the Perfect Fry PFC570. The PFA720 is a fully automatic machine, which means you just dump the product in the hopper, and it will load this into the oil, and dispense the food once it's done. The PFC570, on the other hand, is semi-automatic, so you'll have to load the fryer basket, insert it into the machine, and take out the fryer basket when you're done. This is a relatively small difference, but the bigger difference is in the capacity. The PFC570 has a load capacity of 2 pounds, whereas the PFC720 has a load capacity of 3 pounds. Which machine works best for you depends on how much product you need.

The PFC 720 has three operation modes: Rapid Fry Mode automatically begins cooking the next batch of food items when the preceding batch is finished. Preset modes take the guesswork out of deep frying by allowing the operator to pre-program up to nine different food items into the electronics system. Simply choose the preset number that corresponds to the item you wish to cook. And Manual Mode - Operators simply load food products into the Rapid Fryer and enter the cook time to begin a cooking cycle. Operates as easy as a microwave!

      • Fully Automatic: requires minimal staffing requirements
      • Small countertop footprint: 17” x 16” at the base 
      • Self-venting: you don’t need a vent or hood to operate this machine
      • Easy to clean: weekly cleaning can be done in under an hour
      • Cook Time Sensitivity - Ensures a consistent product by automatically extending cook times to account for significant drops in temperature.
      • Preset Counters - Monitor the amounts of up to nine different food products that have been cooked in the PFA Rapid Fryer.
      • Food Type Sensitivity - Control the movement of the basket to ensure that all products are dispensed at the conclusion of the cooking cycle.
      • Stand-By Mode - Reduces power requirements during non-peak periods.
      • Dual Load Cook Cycle - Cooks two products with two different cook times simultaneously to reduce preparation time.
      • Hold Time Monitor - Monitors the elapsed hold time of finished products following a cooking cycle.


Model PFA720
Volts 240
Amps 32
Capacity 90 lb per hour
Circuit Current (amps) min 40
Cord 8/3 Power Cord 6-50 plug
Kilowatts 7.6
Phase Single (3 wire)
Cycles 50/60 Hz
Weight 125 lb.
Oil Capacity 2.75 US gallons (11 litres)
Product Capacity 3 lb. per load
Construction 304 Stainless Steel

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