Pancake and Waffle Mix - Gluten Free by KINNIKINNI Canada - 4.53 KG

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Pancake, Crepes and Waffle Mix - Gluten Free by KINNIKINNI Canada - 4.53 KG Item Code ST-032157

At Kinnikinni Canada, Unlike other brands, we never sell anything we don’t make ourselves. ALL products are gluten-free & free from dairy, nuts, peanuts & soy.

Now free from soy, all Top 8 allergens and vegan. Chickpea flour adds extra protein. Our Pancake & Waffle Mix is super popular with families who tell us it's beyond easy to make and everyone loves it, allergic or not.


Pea starch, White rice flour, Sugars (cane sugar, dextrose*), Tapioca starch, Chickpea flour, Baking Powder, Inulin, Pea protein, Corn starch*, Pea fibre, Salt, Cream of tartar, Sodium bicarbonate, Modified cellulose, Natural flavour.

May contain: eggs
*Not a product of genetic engineering

Lab Tested Free From

lab tested for gluten, dairy, tree nuts, peanuts, and soy

Product Info.

  • Has Corn
  • Has Sugar
  • No Fish/Shellfish
  • No Sesame
  • No Mustard
  • No Eggs
  • No Yeast
  • No Sulphites
  • No Potato

Baking Instructions
1 egg
1 tbsp vegetable oil
¾ cup cold water
1 cup Kinnikinnick Pancake and Waffle Mix
Yields 6-8 pancakes Waffles
1 egg
3 tbsp vegetable oil
1 cup cold water
1¾ cups Kinnikinnick Pancake and Waffle Mix
Yields 3 waffles

• Preheat electric griddle or waffle maker to 350°F (176°C) . Lightly cover with cooking spray or butter.
• In a bowl combine egg, vegetable oil and water. Whisk to combine.
• Slowly add Kinnikinnick Pancake and Waffle Mix. Whisk until combined and batter is smooth. Let batter sit at room temperature for 5 minutes.

• Pancakes: Drop ¼ cup of batter per pancake onto griddle. Flip pancakes when edges begin to curl and top bubbles.

• Waffles: Drop batter onto waffle maker. Follow waffle iron directions for bake cycle.

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