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Mocha Iced Capp Cafe Granita Mix - Case ( 6 x 2.2lb bag) Made in Canada

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Iced Mocha Cappuccino Granita Mix, Buy Top Selling Creamy Granita Mixes in Canada - Case ( 6 x 2.2lb bag) Made in Canada

Our Creamy Iced Capp Granita Mixes are available in wide variety of flavors. You will want to keep up with the fast growing frozen coffee drink market by stocking Epic Creamy Iced Cappuccino Granita, Epic Creamy Iced Mocha Granita and Epic Creamy Iced French Vanilla Granita Mix Just like the one being served at Tim Hortons and other famous coffee shops.

How about an Original Iced Cappuccino, Mocha Capp or French Vanilla Capp in your granita machine? Want to make more flavors of your favorite Iced Capp? Just add your choice of over 50 National Flavors and LorAnn Flavors to create Hazelnut Iced Capp, Peanut butter Iced Capp, Chocolate Iced Capp, English Toffee Iced Capp, Salted Caramel Iced Capp, Butterscotch Iced Capp And Much More! Great for making it in a blender as well.

Our Creamy Granita Mix is a powdered, add-water granita mix to be used in any granita machine as a delicious frozen beverage. Our cappuccino granita mix offers a special stabilization system, special non-foaming ingredients, special cold-water-soluble ingredients, cold stable flavor blends for high impact and proper brix levels for optimal consistency and is fat-free, non-dairy and cholestrol free. 

Serve it hot or cold. Want to make Hot Cappuccino, French Vanilla or Mocha?  Just add hot water. Great for Vending Machines (Vending Machine Soluble Mix). 

Mixing Instructions (Creamy Iced Cappuccino, Creamy Iced Mocha, Creamy Iced French Vanilla Capp): 

Simply add 4 litres of water per 1.05 KG bag, whisk and pour into your slush/granita machine. Each bag yields 321 served ounces of Iced Capp.  Your per served ounce cost is approx. 6 cents.  For example, your cost for a 12 oz Iced Capp is 72 cents.  Your sell price is $2.99 or more.