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Green Apple Coconut Jelly 3.7 KG Jar

Green Apple Coconut Jelly 3.7 KG Jar

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Green Apple Coconut Jelly 3.7 KG Jar

Green Apple Coconut Jelly topping offers an easy way to add tantalizing texture to your signature beverages or desserts! Bursting with green apple flavor, this product is made of nata de coco (natural coconut gel) and consists of soft, jelly-like morsels that are sweetened with syrup.

This product is an exciting alternative to traditional tapioca pearls or crystal boba! You can use this caffeine-free topping to add a perfect finishing touch to bubble teas or smoothies, or use it to add volume and value to other menu offerings like shaved ice, frozen yogurt, or ice cream! This delicious topping is a fun addition to any number of cold beverages and desserts.

To save time in your busy establishment, this jelly topping is fully prepared and ready to serve! Simply separate the jellies with a scoop before serving for best results. To maintain this product's freshness, it's recommended that you refrigerate after opening.

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