Caprigiani LB 100 B, Counter-top Ice Cream & Gelato Batch Freezer - Free Delivery Anywhere in Canada.

Caprigiani LB 100 B, Counter-top Ice Cream & Gelato Batch Freezer - Free Delivery Anywhere in Canada.

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Caprigiani LB 100 B, Counter-top Ice Cream & Gelato batch freezer - Free Delivery Anywhere in Canada.

Create high-quality freshly made frozen desserts for any setting. Can create frozen desserts with both classic mixtures as well as modern haute cuisine recipes. Counter Top Batch Freezer brings Carpigiani quality to the restaurant and catering world. Can make pints straight from the machine. This machine makes 3 lt in 10 minutes. 

This compact batch freezer offers the same quality and durability of our larger models, while fitting on your counter. In a matter of minutes, you can create the finest gelato, ice cream, sorbets, and much more! Chefs, fine restaurants, bakeries, and coffee shops across the nation choose Carpigiani, maker of the finest batch freezers in the world.

Runs on single phase power to fit into almost any setting. One easy to use control switch for production, extraction and cleaning. Add freshly made Ice Cream to the product offer and gain independence on choice of flavors and cost. Isolating door with safety lock. Minimal parts and single beater make for easy cleaning. Postponed cleaning function allows user to keep leftover mixture cold between cleaning.

Gelato, Ice Cream & Sorbet, made On Demand!

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Technical Characteristics
Beater 3/4 H.P. - Unibody with Delrin blades
Cylinder Capacity
lt 4 quarts (with beater)
in 1 hour 4 1/2 gal
Condenser Air only
Hz 60
Ph 1
Volt 208-230
Fuse Size A 20 Amp max.
Refrigerant R-404A
Dimension at base Depth cm 28 in (22 1/4 in without drip tray)
Dimension at base Height cm 27 1/2 in
Dimension at base Width cm 15 in
Net Weight kg 210 lbs (without accessories); 253 lbs crated weight (without accessories)


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