Blue Curacao Sugar Syrup 5kg Bottle

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Blue Curacao Sugar Syrup 5kg Bottle

Our Blue Curacao Sugar Syrup is great for sweetening cold or hot drinks.  Inspired by the namesake liqueur, our Blue Curacao Syrup evokes the colour of tropical blue skies on the island of Curacao. Its mild orange flavour makes it a key ingredient in island concoctions best suited for lounging in a hammock.  

This Blue Curacao Syrup brings blue skies to tropical cocktails, mocktails, lemonades, smoothies, bubble tea, slushies and sodas.

* Pure Blue Curacao Taste
* Great for Drinks, Desserts & More
* Net Weight: 5kg per bottle

Star Wars Cocktail Milkshake
Use the force to drink this Star Wars inspired Blue Curacao milkshake. 
2/3 cup Milk
1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract
4 cup Vanilla Ice Cream
3 fluid ounce Blue Curaçao Sugar Syrup

Blue Curacao Smoothie
Materials for 500cc
Blue Curacao Syrup 50ml
Water 70ml
Smoothie Powder(Vanilla Frost Powder) 3g
Ice Cubes Full Cup
Yogurt Cream Topping Powder 50g
Fresh Milk 25g
Ice Cubes 25g
Iced water 150g
Pour yogurt cream topping powder, fresh milk, ice water and ice cubes into the blender.
Turn on the machine and blend them for 90 seconds then pour in the cup.
Pour blue curacao syrup, smoothie powder and water into a blender.
Turn on the blender and blend them until smooth then scoop it out.

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