Apple Pie Filling - Ed Smith - 5 KG

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Apple Pie Filling - Ed Smith - 5 KG - Canada

Bolster your bakery business with our full line of fillings. No matter what you need, ED Smith Foods has the filling to take your creation from good to “I must have that again.” From popular fruit varieties such as apple, cherry and strawberry — to rich, sweet cream cheese and smooth Bavarian cream.
With its tart but slightly sweet, robust flavour, the Jonagold apple in our pie filling is a favourite among pie-bakers. E.D.SMITH® Apple Pie Filling is made with real sugar, no artificial colours or flavours and no preservatives. Perfect for pies or strudels or for something deliciously different use it with your special pork dishes. Check out our recipes section to find more ways to bring E.D.SMITH® Pie Fillings into your home.
ED Smith Foods helps you make creations that look great and taste even better. • Broad range to fit any application: donuts, pastries, pies, cakes and more • Availability in a variety of sizes • Superior taste with fresh fruit flavour or real cream cheese • Bake stability and freeze/thaw tolerance. 
Benefits: E.D. Smith only uses the freshest ingredients. 100% Northern Spy apples give this pie filling its firm texture and special flavour. Ready to use and shelf-stable for 6 months.
Preparation Suggestions: Each 5 kg Pail yields 8 - 9 pies. Simply add filling to a prepared pie shell and bake.
Serving Suggestions: Perfect for your favourite apple crisp or apple betty recipe. Top sliced ham or pork chops with apple pie filling and bake.
Packaging and Storage: Refrigerate after opening.
Allergen Information Avail.: Y Check Allergens
Allergen Disclaimer: Allergens based on ingredients product could contact allergens during processing
Support: 1-800-263-9246 Ext5402 or 5605

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