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Cherry Cone Dip 96oz #10 Can - Phillips

Cherry Cone Dip 96oz #10 Can - Phillips

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Phillips Cherry Cone Dip 96oz #10 Can

Dress up your dipped ice cream and sandwich's with a variety of flavours. Adults and kids alike love flavoured cone dips!

Add texture and flavor with this cone coating. Designed for adherence to ice cream, frozen fruit and other frozen confections. Simply dip frozen confection into heated coating and liquid will quickly harden. You can also drizzle heated coating and let harden on the surface of any frozen dessert.

Easy to open pull tab lid.

Usage Directions:

  • Open can, remove label and place in a dry heat warmer
  • Heat to and maintain a temperature of 95-105 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Always stir coating before use
  • Dip, dunk or drizzle frozen dessert

Note: If coating is above 105 degrees Fahrenheit, do not dip frozen desserts, as the coating will slide off.


  • When finished using for the day, turn warmer off
  • Remove any foreign materials from can
  • Cover and store at room temperature
  • Does not require refrigeration
  • Simply reheat when ready to use again
  • Repeat procedure until out

Popular Cone Coating Mix Applications

• Soft serve ice cream
• Frozen custard
• Ice cream bars
• Yogurt
• Drizzle on sundaes
• Hand-dipped
• Other specialty
• Liquid chip

Net Content 96 Fl. Oz (2.8 Liters)

#10 Cone Dip Can = 96 ounces
Each time ice-cream cone is dipped it uses 0.70oz of cone dip.
96oz/0.70oz = 137 single Dips available in #10 (96 oz) of cone dip.