Vestec Warewash Products

Vestec Warewash by Parkside Professional Products is a leading manufacturer and distributor of innovative sanitation solutions in Canada for over a century. Our innovative approach to cleaning products and amenities along with our unparalleled level of service continues to be the reason that we succeed.

Through innovation we continually bring to market new technologies and processes that empower our customers to run their businesses more efficiently, while focusing on training, services and technical expertise that exceed their expectations.

We are synonymous across all of our branches to provide you with the same experience at every hotel, lodge, or restaurant. Parkside product specialists and service team help make your experience an easy and bright one.  Some of our popular products are:

Vestec™ 320 Automatic Dishwash Detergent Powder: A mechanical dishwasher powder formulated with a combination of water conditioning, soil suspending agents, and a chlorine destainer. Designed for under-counter dish-machines, it is highly effective in both hard or soft water conditions. (11.3Kg)

Vestec™ 222 Sanitizer for Food, Meat and Poultry Processing: Similar to Vestec™ 220 above, but in a ready to use form that requires no dilution. (6x946ml/cs)

Vestec™ 650 Heavy Duty Kitchen Degreaser: A heavy duty cleaner and degreaser which works well to clean kitchens, hoods, ranges and garbage areas. It is highly concentrated and economical to use. (4x4L/cs, 20L)

Vestec™ 685 High Foam Oven Cleaner: A high foam, concentrated oven & grill cleaner designed to penetrate and clean burnt soils from commercial kitchen equipment. (12x946ml/cs, 4x4L/cs)