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Flavor shakes, smoothies, slush, JavaLatte frozen coffees, frozen cocktails, and FCB product with these syrups! These syrups flavor a variety of frozen beverage products, including premium shakes, slushes, frozen carbonated beverages (FCB), frozen coffee, frozen cocktails, and smoothies.

For use with “BEV”, “JBT” and “FCB” systems, FB 80Sa models and older Flavor Burst beverage systems.

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Popularity* Chart

*Please note this chart is based on overall sales of syrup. It does not account for regional favorites, preferences of different demographic groups and ages, or the product base that is used. All of these factors can produce different “popularity” results depending on where you are located, who your customer base is, and what base product you pair your syrups with. Consider these examples:
BASE PRODUCT: Chocolate is shown as one of the most popular flavors overall according to this chart. That is because most of our beverage sales end up flavoring milkshakes. However, if you are serving slushes, cocktails, or smoothies, it would not even make the menu.
CUSTOMER DEMOGRAPHICS: If most of your customer base consists of young children, Bubblegum might be a good seller as opposed to a country club who mainly serves adults preferring Butter Pecan.
REGIONAL TASTES: Flavors such as Black Raspberry may be more popular in the northeast, while Mango tends to be more of a favorite in the southwest. Preferred flavors also vary from country to country around the world.

CHAIN ACCOUNTS: We have a number of chain store accounts who only order specific flavors. These orders drive up the sales numbers on those particular flavors, possibly bumping them higher on the popularity chart than they would normally.

31 products
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