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Adding a touch of magic to your cooking

In 1990, Karamat began a legacy in the convenience packaged food segment in India. Although our growth is based on constant evolution and innovation, we like sticking to our traditions which drives us to create recipes that carry the essence of a household Indian kitchen.

Our products are a blessing for commercial kitchens, as they not only save time but also enable the chef to retain their signature style without compromising on quality.

The Journey of Karamat

Karamat, a flagship brand of ‘Food Solution (India) Limited (FSIL)’, has pioneered the manufacturing of Ready-To-Cook products in India. Karamat now stands as one of the most trusted wholesale food suppliers for Hotels, Restaurants and Catering service providers.

Driven by latest technologies, conceptual innovations and effective teamwork, Karamat is delivering distinctive taste to distinguished chefs. The company’s success is the result of the dynamic, evolving and futuristic outlook of its founders.

The Karamat Benefit

Karamat’s magic lies in its ability to let chefs add their own signature flavour and taste to a particular dish while relieving them of laborious chores. They save the hours they used to spent on washing, chopping, grinding and pounding and yet the dish retains that unique essence for which customers keep coming back to them again, and again!

From the most basic Indian flavours to exotic blends, Karamat gives chefs a wide range of products to choose from. These powdered or pureed products when added to water help the chefs to come up with the most authentic and genuinely palatable food in mere minutes!

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South Indian Delicacies
Seasoning Mix
Traditional Cuisine
Marinade Mix
Starter Mix

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