Speedy Classic P190, 5 in 1 Versatile (Gelato, Sorbet, Slush, Cocktail, Soft Serve Mix) by Comprital Italy, Case (12 x 2lbs to a case)

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Speedy Classic P190: 5 in 1 Versatile Mix - Make Amazing Plain Neutral Soft Serve, Gelato, Sorbet, Cocktail and Slush Base Mix (Dairy-Free) by Comprital Italy, Case (12 x 2lbs to a case), Made in Italy

For dairy free soft serve ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt, slush mix, popsicle mix and fruit sorbets, use our Plain Neutral Soft Serve Base Mix (Use as a Plain Neutral Gelato Mix by adding milk instead of water) with world famous Flavor Fountain to create over 2336 combination of exotic sorbet flavors in-house and on-demand.  Add Coconut milk to make amazing creamy Vegan Coconut Soft Serve Mix.

This is a versatile five in one mix that you can use as a neutral soft serve mix, neutral gelato mix, neutral sorbet mix, neutral slush mix, making popsicles and even a neutral smoothie mix for blending smoothies with fresh fruits or iqf.  View more about this mix at Fun Foods Central at this dropbox link here 

2 Lbs. Bag (yields 1.4 gallons or 178 ounces of plain neutral soft-serve, gelato, sorbet) Case yields 12 x 178 ounces = 2136 ounces

The peculiarity of Speedy products resides in the perfect ingredients’ balance to obtain an impeccable texture. Comprital added to the wide and well-known range of fruit flavors, a range of classical flavors with true Sicilian pistachio, Italian hazelnut and pure Dutch chocolate. Differently diluted, they can be used in a soft serve machine to produce express gelato, mono-portions and gelato cakes in a quick and easy way that couldn’t be reached by means of the traditional processes.

Simple Yet Amazing 5 in 1 Mix (Gelato, Sorbet, Slush, Cocktail, Soft Serve Mix)

1. Making Fruit Sorbet (non-dairy sorbet) in Soft Serve machine or Ice Cream/Gelato Batch Freezer Machine

classic recipe: 1 bag + 3.5 lt water for sorbet 

4 to 6 oz. Flavour Fountain of your choice (you can add more flavor to suit your taste)


2. Making Gelato in Soft Serve machine Ice Cream/Gelato Batch Freezer Machine (You can Make Vegan Gelato with this mix as well)

classic recipe: 1 bag + 3.5 lt milk for making gelato  (if you like to make vegan gelato or vegan soft serve, instead of regular milk, use 3.5 lt of soy milk, coconut milk, almond milk or any non dairy milk for an amazing Vegan Gelato (Vegan Soft Serve Ice Cream). 

2 to 4 oz. Flavour Fountain of your choice (you can add more flavor to suit your taste)


3. Making Slushie/Granita in Slush Machine or Granita Machine: 

1 bag + 4 L water. Serving temperature - 3˚C.

4 to 6 oz. Flavour Fountain of your choice (you can add less or more flavor to suit your taste)


4. Using it as a Smoothie Base, Milkshake Base or Frappucino Style in a Blender (Neutral Smoothie Mix, Neutral Frappe Mix)

50 g of powder mixed in 100-120 g of milk,

cream or water, (choice of fresh fruit or iqf or Flavour Fountain) then blend with 200g of ice.  Make on-demand Frappes or Smoothies with your choice of flavors instantly.


5. Using it to make Fresh Fruit Popsicles

1 bag + 3.5 lt water

 Add your choice of Flavor Fountain and fresh fruits for Fresh Fruit Popsicles


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