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Caramel Hot Fudge - 5X1L/CS - by McLean Canada

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Caramel Hot Fudge - 5X1L/CS - by McLean Canada

Tasty and creamy caramel hot fudge sauce to serve as an accompaniment to desserts, ice cakes and other pastries.

Start serving hot fudge topping and offer your customers delicious hot fudge sundaes, flurry's, and new recipes like hot fudge brownies. Unopened hot fudge can be stored in the pantry. Once opened, they must be refrigerated. Opened product is good for 1 month in the refrigerator.

Heat and maintain the hot fudge in a water bath on a hot plate or in your cone dip warmer to 54°C/130°F. To avoid caramelization, do not overheat.

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