Banana Cream Chocolate Cone Dip Coating (Case = 5 x 1L Bags) by McLean Canada

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Banana Cream Chocolate Cone Dip Coating (Case = 5 x 1L Bags) - Made in Canada

Dress up your dipped ice cream and sandwich's with a variety of flavours. Adults and kids alike love flavoured cone dips! With its nostalgic childhood taste reminiscent of candy bananas, this gourmet coating adds both tradition and novelty to your summer menu.

Start serving a smooth and delicious coating that quickly hardens on contact with ice cream. Made with real premium chocolate and cocoa butter, designed to deliver consistency and uniform coating. The eye-catching way to thrill taste buds.

We recommend setting the thermostat between 36°C/95°F (thicker coating) and 38°C/100°F (thinner coating). Stir regularly and/or before dipping each cone. The product is good in the refrigerator for 1 month after opening.

The thickness of the chocolate coating varies based on the type of dipping chocolate. (White, milk, dark, ruby).
You can adjust the consistency by adding cocoa butter (mycryo or buttons). Add this slowly, between 10%-20% of the weight/kg of chocolate. The goal is to achieve the desired consistency and standardize our recipe without changing the taste of the dip.

Note: The oil will separate because it is less dense than the other ingredients. This is perfectly normal. Simply stir to make it smooth again.

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    Popular Cone Coating Mix Applications

    • Soft serve ice cream
    • Frozen custard
    • Ice cream bars
    • Yogurt
    • Drizzle on sundaes
    • Hand-dipped cheesecakes
    • Other specialty desserts
    • Liquid chip

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