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Waring WDM360TX - Triple Spindle Drink Mixer, Countertop

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Waring WDM360TX - Triple Spindle Drink Mixer, Countertop, Countertop (Free Shipping Within Canada)

The Waring Commercial WDM360TX is a heavy-duty, triple-spindle drink mixer with a high-performance 1-horsepower motor for durability. It will allow you to quickly mix the coldest, hardest ice creams. It has a three speed motor with a pulse switch and includes three stainless steel malt beverage cups.

This model has a fully automatic START/STOP operation, which means after you slide the cup into the mixer, it will operate without you needing to stand there. But with the programmable timer, you're really going to be able to ensure precise mixing results. The timer will help you improve your time management, and it comes with a large, easy to read LCD display and gives you the ability to program the timer either while it's in use, or before it's in use. 

This milkshake mixer has a rocker switch, for 15,000, 18,000, or 21,000 RPM speed capabilities. One other great feature is that there is an increased cup clearance, which means you're not going to have to tilt your cup into the mixer and risk spilling your product. Instead, you'll be able to easily slide your cup right into the mixer.

Product Description
Drink Mixer, countertop, triple spindle, (3) speed (15,000, 18,000, 21,000 RPM), pulse controls, fully automatic cup-activated operation, 10-minute timer, includes: (1) solid agitator & (1) butterfly agitator per spindle & (3) stainless steel beverage cups

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