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Lavender Syrup 2.5 KG (5.5 Lbs) Jar

Lavender Syrup 2.5 KG (5.5 Lbs) Jar

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Lavender Syrup 2.5 KG (5.5 Lbs) Jar

Offer your customers the unmistakable flavor of real flowers with this Bossen lavender concentrated syrup! Bursting with refreshingly sweet, floral flavor, this concentrated syrup is made with real lavender juice for an authentic, distinctive flavor and classic aroma. Use this delicious syrup to create flavorful smoothies, bubble teas, slushies, and other delicious specialty beverages! You can even use it to create lavender-flavored ice cream or frozen yogurt, or you can pour it over frozen desserts or pastries for a delicious finishing touch.

For flavoring soft serve, ice cream, or frozen yogurt, We recommend adding 8 oz. of orange syrup to every one gallon of base mix. Some stores even use this product as a syrup topping on frozen yogurt and ice cream.

Lavender Smoothie (16 fl. oz.)
3 fl. oz. Bossen lavender concentrated syrup
3 fl. oz. milk (whole milk recommended)
16 oz. ice

Combine all ingredients in a blender. Blend until smooth, then pour into a cup, garnish with your favorite bubble tea toppings, and serve!

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