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4 in 1 Bubble Tea, Smoothie, Frappe and Latte Mix

Top Selling 4 in 1 Bubble Tea, Fruit Smoothie, Frappe and Latte Mix (Made in the USA).  

Our 4 in 1 Mix is perfect for Bubble Tea Stores, Smoothie Stores, and Coffee Houses.  Serve your customers amazing smoothies, bubble tea, frappes and lattes.  Great for both hot and cold beverages.  Make it in a blender, serve it on ice, make hot lattes. Perfect for Slush and Creamy Granita too!

Serve it blended, shaken or make delicious hot lattes.  No need to add any fruit flavor, sweeteners or syrups.  This product creates amazing One Step Bubble Tea that your customers will love and keep coming back for more. Made in the USA

Making Roll Ice Cream? 4 in 1 Bubble Tea Mix can be used for Roll Ice Cream as well.  Simply add 3 tablespoons (2 Brown Bubble Tea Scoops) of your choice of Bubble Tea mix with 100 ml (around 4 oz) of whole milk or 5% cream.  Mix it well and then pour onto the freezing pan for delicious Rolled Ice Cream. 

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