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Premium Black Tea, 308 Brand - 60g x 10 Filter Tea Bags

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Premium Black Tea - 60g x 10 Filter Tea Bags

Black Tea is definitely the standard favorite in pearl milk tea or bubble tea. We've packaged a favorite black tea in easy to use filter bags. This allows you to drop the bag in for steeping and throw it away when you're done. There is no messy clean up and no filtering of used leaves. This is definitely the "easy" way to brew tea. Your staff will love you for making their job easier and you'll appreciate the convenience if you're making tea at home.

You get 10 x 60g filter tea bags. Each 60g filter bag makes 4L (one gallon) of tea when used for milk tea and 2 gallons when brewed for leisurely drinking.

How to Brew Premium Black Tea:

  • Heat 4L of water on high heat to a rolling boil.
  • Turn off heat, add 1 x 60 grams filter bag and steep for 12.5 minutes with lid on.
  • Remove tea bag, pour into serving container and refrigerate.

** Note: Black Tea will burn and become bitter if it is overcooked or boiled.

Taste: traditional black tea flavors and similar to an English breakfast tea
Appearance: golden brown
Type of Tea: Black tea
Ingredients: BLACK TEA